Send a smile!

Bottle4yoou have been designed and shaped in a way that they can easily be send through normal mail, without any additional packaging. Simply drop them in a mail box and it will be sent by mail.

What is Bottle4you®?

Bottle4you® is a small plastic Bottle to send greetings, congratulations or to create the perfect love letter. Get the attention you are looking for when you use Bottle4you as invitations for any special occasion. Bottle4you is also the perfect way for advertising and product marketing.

1) Write your letter
2) Put it into the bottle
3) Close them with the cork…
4) and the tape from the bottle neck
5) Write down the receiver address. Don’t forget the stamps
6) Drop them into the next mail box.

Some of our Bottles

Bottle4you® ist a trade marked product.

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